Licensed, Bonded and Fully Insured



(Per Visit Unless Otherwise Specified)



·        Dust Lighting Fixtures

·        Remove Cobwebs

·        Clean & Sanitize (Fixtures, Sinks, Toilets, Chrome, Tubs, Showers Etc..)

·        Sweep And Wash Floor (Vacuum If Carpeted)

·        Wash All Mirrors

·        Wash All Baseboards

·        Clean Counter Tops And Wipe Exterior Of Cabinets

·        Clean Window Sills

·        Dust All Picture Frames And Glass

·        Dust All Blinds

Living Room, Dining Room And Common Areas

·        Remove Cobwebs

·        Dust Lighting Fixtures And Fans (If Reachable From Client Ladder)

·        Dust Exterior Of All Furniture (Tops, Sides And Bottoms)

·        Vacuum Carpet Or Sweep & Mop Non-Carpeted Areas

·        Move Small Items (Magazine Racks Etc....) When Vacuuming

·        Wash Baseboards (Recommended Twice Per Year) - Additional Charges Apply / Hands & Knees Procedure

·        Dust All Window Sills

·        Dust All Picture Frames And Glass

·        Dust All Blinds

·        Dry Dust Television Screens – Unless instructed otherwise

·        Dust  nick- knacks

·        Dust All Louver Doors (If Applicable) No Additional Cost / Up To 3 Sets



·          Same As Above (See Living, Dining & Common Areas)

·          Change All Linens (If Clean Linens Are Provided)

·          Wash & Dry Sheets (Two Loads Maximum)

·        Vacuum Under Beds (If Space Is Available) 


Kitchen & Laundry Rooms

·          Clean & Sanitize Sink, Counter Tops, Exterior Of Small Appliances

·          Clean Exterior Of Stove Top, Drip Pans (Under Stove Top)

·          Clean Oven  Upon Request (Average Charge $ 16.00) – Based On Condition if not self-cleaning

·          Clean Exterior Of Refrigerator (Does Not Include Removing Magnets Etc...)

·          Clean Inside Refrigerator (Average Charge $ 20.00) Freezer (Average Cost $ 15.00)

·          Sweep And Or Vacuum & Mop All Non-Carpeted Flooring.

·          Wash Baseboards (Upon Request) Additional Charges Apply

·          Clean Floor Of Pantries (If Items Are On Shelves)

·          Damp Clean Exterior Of Cabinets

·          Dust All Louver Doors

·          Damp Clean Top Of Washer And Dryer

·          Ceiling Fans (If Reachable From Homeowner’s Ladder)

·          Dust All Blinds

·          Dust All Window Sills And Ledges

·          Wash Dishes If Space Is Available Inside Dish Washer

·          Wash Dishes By Hand (Extra Charge If More Than Ten Pieces)

·          Also: Sweep Cobwebs From Front Door Area


Other Services Available:     Additional Charges Apply:

·          Clean Inside Garage  (Separate Estimate – Based On Size And Requested Duties)

·          Spring & Fall Cleaning’s (Separate Estimate – Based On Requested Duties) 

     ·     Clean Exterior Patios (Prices Begin At $ 12.00)

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