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January 18, 2018




"Making Your Home or Office Clean Again!"

Family Owned

Tony & Patricia Hamn

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"2016 Testimonials"

Licensed, Bonded and Fully Insured


  National Background Checks Are Performed on All Employees.

  Contractors for subcontractors of the department of defense.

  We are not a franchise.  Family owned and  operated for 29 years.

  Owners are involved in the day-to-day operation and have been since 1988.

  Let our customers do the talking.....See some of our letters of recommendation.

  Servicing Clay (Northeast), Duval, St. Johns & Nassau counties. 

  Discounts for seniors, military and disabled.  Call for details.

  Free on site estimates.

  We have gift certificates available for all your special occasions.

  Flexible Scheduling to meet your needs.

  We bring all chemicals and equipment.

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CS Bennett

Author of many books, Patriot, Gulf War Veteran and a friend wrote the following article.

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New Article about America's History

We Must Preserve Our History


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Protecting America's Freedom

Isn't Easy!

The photo below contain  Great American Men and Women from many generations who served America to "Protect our Freedom".

Remembering and honoring our men and women who served and gave their lives so we can be free in America.  We also honor the heroes who are still alive and were injured protecting our freedom.  But lest we forget those who served and walked away with no physical injury, because they may have seen the horrors of those who weren't so lucky.  That memory never leaves them!

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