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Office Cleaning

(Per Visit Unless Otherwise Specified)

Types of Commercial Building Cleaning

Attorney’s Offices Hotels Postal Facilities
Banks HVAC Companies Professional Office Buildings
Chiropractic Facilities Industrial Buildings Property Management Facilities
Construction Companies Irrigation Companies Retirement Homes
Credit Unions Legal Offices Roofing Companies 
Day Care Facilities Mail Processing Facilities Security Systems Buildings
Dentist Offices Medical Facilities Surgical Centers
Engineering Offices  Motels Trucking Companies
Fitness Centers Mortgage Companies Veterinarians Buildings
Freight Companies Nursing Homes Warehouses
Funeral Homes Parks & Recreation Small Commercial Buildings
Government Buildings Physicians Offices Large Commercial Buildings
Hair Salons Plumbing Offices  



·        Dust Lighting Fixtures

·        Remove Cobwebs

·        Clean & Sanitize (Fixtures, Sinks, Toilets, Chrome, Tubs, Showers Etc..)

·        Sweep And Wash Floor (Vacuum If Carpeted)

·        Wash All Mirrors

·        Wash All Baseboards

·        Clean Counter Tops And Wipe Exterior Of Cabinets

·        Clean Window Sills

·        Dust All Picture Frames And Glass

Offices, Conference Rooms, Reception Areas & Waiting Rooms

·      Remove Cobwebs

·        Dust Lighting Fixtures And Fans (If Reachable From Client Ladder)

·        Dust Exterior Of All Furniture (Tops, Sides And Bottoms)

·        Vacuum Carpet Or Sweep & Mop Non-Carpeted Areas

·        Move Small Items (Magazine Racks Etc....) When Vacuuming

·     Wash Baseboards (Recommend Annually) - Additional Charges Apply / Hands & Knees Procedure

·        Dust All Window Sills

·        Dust All Picture Frames And Glass

·        Dust All Blinds

·        Dry Dust Television Screens – Unless instructed otherwise

·        Dust  Monitors & Keyboards

·        Clean Cabinets, Fax Machines, Copiers, Desks & Chairs

·        Sanitize Telephones 


Break Rooms / Kitchen

·          Clean & Sanitize Sink, Counter Tops, Exterior Of Small Appliances

·          Clean Interior / Exterior Of Refrigerator

·          Sweep And Or Vacuum & Mop All Non-Carpeted Flooring.

·          Wash Baseboards (Upon Request) Additional Charges Apply

·          Damp Clean Exterior Of Cabinets

·          Ceiling Fans (If Reachable From Customer's Ladder)

·          Dust All Blinds

·          Dust All Window Sills And Ledges

·          Wash Dishes

·          Also: Sweep Cobwebs From Front Door Area


Other Services Available:     Additional Charges Apply:

·          Machine Scrub Warehouse  (Separate Estimate – Based On Size And Requested Duties)

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